Where are the responsible? 7.26.11 & 2.22.12

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Where are the responsible? 7.26.11 & 2.22.12

"Responsibility is obedience by another name…we are responsible to God, and our calling is where we exercise that responsibility." -Os Guinness

It is said that a boy becomes a man when he begins to take responsibility for his actions in life. Men today may age on the outside but they remain little boys on the inside for they run and hide from the weight of responsibility. It is interesting to think of our obedience to God as taking responsibility of that which we will have to give an account for. Our sense of being accountable to God for relationships, time, money, gifts, skills, ideas, opportunities have all but disappeared from our thought process. Like the parable…where is the faithful, responsible servant who handles the masters estate well? Action. My sons, being a called man is being a responsible man…the key is seeing all things in life as God ordained resources to be cultivated and stewarded well to the honor and glory of God. Purpose and passion of calling is the fruitful by product of living responsibly before God.