Sin and it’s extremes. 2.20.12

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Sin and it’s extremes. 2.20.12

"As scientists and engineers know, one of the best ways to understand the average of anything is to study the extreme conditions." -Unusually Excellent by John Hamm

This qoute, all though not it’s intention, sparked a reminder how as believers we can proactively cultivate a healthy fear of God while redeeming our perspective of sin. Sin many times lingers around in our life, for it’s not extreme (yet)…instead feeling average and mild in nature, not really setting off any alarms. The extreme danger here becomes our thought process, thinking sin is an isolated event…when in reality it’s a chain reaction, one more progressive step down a steep slippery slope. The best way to understand the destructive weight of sin is to look at it’s extremes, knowing that if left unchecked… that is exactly where we are headed. Lust full thoughts-look at the affair that destroys a mans legacy and family. Greed-look at the storied Ebinizer Scrooge and the self made prison robbed of joy and contentment. Gluttony and lack of self-control-look at obesity and the thief of vibrant life it becomes. Pride-look at how it ignites insecurities and destroys relationships. Then on the contrary…for perfect purity, generosity, self-control and humility-look at and admire Jesus. Action. My sons, life is a real-time proverb…all you have to do is watch, study and learn. Never take sin lightly, for it is a far more advanced enemy…understand and observe its deceitful nature. For the extremes are always where sin will lead us, ultimately ending in death. It is by Gods grace that we don’t experience the full weight of our sinful actions each day. Rejoice and give thanks for the Good News of the Gospel daily, being wise in your living and redemptive of heart, as you deal with the lifelong presence of sin.