Why do you do what you do? 8.19.11 & 2.14.11

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Why do you do what you do? 8.19.11 & 2.14.11

"For when we set out in youth and choose careers for external reasons-such as the lure of the salary, the prestige of the position, or pressure from parents and peers-we are setting ourselves up for frustration later in life if the work does not equally suit us for internal reasons, namely our giftedness and calling. ‘Success’ may then flatter us on the outside as ‘significance’ eludes us from the inside." -Os Guinness, The Call

In the area of career, like any other area of life, the answer to why we do what we do determines fully the level of satisfaction and significance that we’ll experience over the course of our lives. The man who enjoys and finds satisfaction in his work is infinity blessed…no amount of salary or prestige can even come close to it…for it is truly priceless: beyond monetary value. A called man of God is simply a man who knows why he is put on earth and why he does what he does…having context for life seeing Gods intended purpose and design in all things. Action. My sons, when it comes to work, do what you feel gifted and called by God to do…irrespective of external pressures, for in that you are infinity rich. Your why is what God cares about for it defines and reveals your heart in all things.