accuracy gets lost with altitude. 2.3.11

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

accuracy gets lost with altitude. 2.3.11

"information becomes unreliable at altitude." -Unusually Excellent by John Hamm

Leaders are always responsible for how information flows both professionally thru an organization and personally through relationships, both family and friends. Good leaders are secure enough to foster a culture where truthfullness and accuracy of info is esteemed and able to be seperated personally from the messenger. As altitude increases going up an organizational ladder, information runs through increasing layers of human motive. Whether selfish, protective, etc…the information gets manipulated loosing more and more of its original integrity. Similar to a pilot, the more distorted the info…the more difficult it is to successfully fly the plane. Action. My sons, desire to be a secure Godly man who initiates the truthfull flow of info at work, with family and with friends. You are the responsible catalyst. Seek always to set the tone in a conversation by being authentic and truthfull always in how you communicate. Do this and you will always foster a culture where information flows open and honestly to the benefit of all.