Simple consistency. 10.25.11 & 2.8.12

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Simple consistency. 10.25.11 & 2.8.12

"Consistency is the key to achieving and maintaing momentum." -the Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

Maintaining consistency and momentum in our rythms and habits of life is challenging to say the least, yet of utmost importance…for they mold all of our life, good or bad. Our habits and daily rythms are much like that of high speed train…very challenging to get going at first yet unbelievably powerful once momentum begins taking over. At first small wooden blocks can keep a train from moving yet at full speed steel walls can’t even stop it’s forward momentum. Action. My sons, your daily habits and rythms will define your life. Consistency being the mark of a strong, mature man. Think simple, small manageable habits knowing only when maintained consistently over a long period time do they become a powerful force catapulting you into higher levels of effectiveness. Once momentum grabs the effort required to maintain is small and manageable…the big challenge is in getting going and getting the new habits to grab hold. Remeber the secret lies in simple consistency of action over a long period of time.