Lost before we even begin. 2.7.12

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Lost before we even begin. 2.7.12

"Every one of us thinks, “If only I could do __________ or be __________, then I would arrive.” So, what does “arrival” look like to you? If it isn’t Jesus, the risen Lord himself, every arrival you achieve is only another set-back.

If you make financial security your arrival, you are already trapped in anxiety. If you make a thin body your identity, you will hate yourself more." -gospel coalition

Thought provoking…every arrival achieved and longed for, when not subordinate to the supremacy of Jesus, becomes another set back. The way of idols…false god’s never failing to fail. Something happens in the human heart when God is replaced and an idol reigns supreme. The simple presence of the idol alone begins the ecclesiastical journey of vanity; the pursuit of that which does not exist. If money takes the throne, the curse begins…impatience, hoarding, anxiety for gain or loss all become the norm; fruits of the spirit fly out the window. When health and body image take the throne, the curse begins…distorted glasses go on…never feeling thin or fit enough, always struggling and never enjoying. Action. My sons, idols are wicked and twisted…thiefs and robbers of the blessed life God intended. Our heart is an idol factory, if not one thing, then quickly another. Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, faithfullness, goodness and self control is the litmus test of the heart. Anything that pulls our attitude from these conditions, expose when things are reaching unhealthy levels of importance in our heart. We are sinners, so this battle is a constant in life, raging until our last breath…the goal being continual recognition and removal…restoring Jesus as king and supreme joy each and every day. Always remember He gives us completeness…providing each day all that we need for full and perfect joy!