Time…the finite commodity. 3.24.11, 3.25.11 & 2.6.12

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Time…the finite commodity. 3.24.11, 3.25.11 & 2.6.12

"We exchange time in the market of life for certain occupations and activities that may be worthy or not, productive or not…for time is opportunity. Here in the lies the importance of a carefully planned life: ‘if we progress in the economy of time, we are learning to live. If we fail here, we fail everywhere." -J. Oswald Sanders

Redeeming our time, is one of the highest priorities in the life of a man. For the character and effectiveness of a persons life is ultimately determined by how they spend their time. Time is a finite commodity…once lost it can never be regained. So you would think a wise man would give much thought to how he is spending his time. So why is planning such an important aspect of being good stewards of our time. In reality planning…is simply advanced decision making, the art of choosing ahead of time a course of action, free from distractions and temptations of the moment. Action. My sons, human emotion fluctuates much over the course of day and even more so over sessions of life…strong Godly men help deepen their consistency through planning and advanced decision making. Being able invest their life free from the ebbs and flows of circumstances…allowing them invest their time based on what is true and not how they feel in the moment. In life, realize consistency is one of the greatest evidences of maturity and strength of character in a man, and one of the greatest necessities for a successful life.