Importance of Self-control. 3.31.11 & 2.1.12

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Importance of Self-control. 3.31.11 & 2.1.12

"Self-control is regarded as the primary essence of character. It forms the chief distinction between man and the mere animal; and, indeed, there can be no true manhood without it…Self-control is at the root of all the virtues. Let a man give reins to his impulses and passions, and from that moment he yields up his moral freedom. He is carried along the current of life, and becomes the slave of his strongest desire for the time being." -Character by Samuel Smiles

No wonder the bible gives praise, not to the strong man that conquers the city, but to the stronger man who rules his own spirit through self-control. For self-control really is the bedrock upon which a life is built…for character cannot be cultivated without it. The disciplined man does not wander and waiver…he knows and lives according to Truth, being steadfast and trustworthy…building confidence in those around him. It is reflective of the character of God…faithful, unchanging, dependable. Action. My sons, my prayer is that you would grow to become free, blessed men…knowing the path to God honoring freedom is found in self-imposed discipline; self-control. Spirit filled discipline is the tool that replaces sinful habits with Godly habits…subduing and cultivating our broken lives to function more like how God intended. Remember, in life discipline will be used…a man either willfully imposes it on himself or has it forced upon him…either way the God ordained tool is used. Be a wise a man and impose it on your self for the cost and damage will be far less in life.