…gift of a quiet mind. 6.13.11 & 1.26.12

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

…gift of a quiet mind. 6.13.11 & 1.26.12

"Contentment lies within a man, in the heart; and the way to be comfortable, is not by having our barns filled, but our minds quiet. The contented man…is the happy man." – Thomas Watson

The God given craving for happiness, satisfaction and contentment, begins first at a very large fork in the road. Both paths promise to reach the end goal of contentment…one being through outward pursuits the other through internal cultivating of the heart. Perhaps that is a better way to evaluate how we are truly doing…is by the peacefulness and quietness in our minds and hearts. It is amazing…if that is the blessed state and true life….then the lens we use to evaluate circumstances can change dramatically. Material blessings now if worried over continuously…are not in fact blessings at all…but a curse robbing us of peace and contentment. Action. My sons. Always evaluate your life by the condition of your heart… peace, satisfaction, joy and contentment are the fruit of a well condition heart before God…anything that robs you of those divine gifts, are simple revealers of sin and idols…that we must work to release our grip of, so we can enjoy the fuller reward