The one constant of leadership. 4.29.11 & 1.19.12

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

The one constant of leadership. 4.29.11 & 1.19.12

"A general leading troops may be uncertain about an outcome. But he must lead with certainty, engaging the enemy by using the best plan he can imagine." -Ed Rowell

As Andy Stanley described, the presence of uncertainty does not indicate poor leadership, but instead reveals the need for leadership. Uncertainty shouldn’t surprise us, instead it is the one constant of leadership, since by nature the leader is the one out front being the first to encounter challenges. As responsibility increases complexity and uncertainty grows, because one is dealing with more intangibles. Decisiveness is a critical component of good godly leaders. Action. My sons, as you grow, your decisions are only as good as your information and assumptions you are basing them on…there is wisdom in the counsel of many…gathering good information, so you can make clear confident decisions amidst a world of uncertainty.