Loving Labor or enforced slavery. 2.12.11, 5.13.11 & 1.18.12

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Loving Labor or enforced slavery. 2.12.11, 5.13.11 & 1.18.12

"Work is of two kinds—it is either loving labor or enforced slavery. The man whose sole object is to get through his work in order to draw his pay, who has no love for, and no interest in, his work beyond what it represents in cash, is a slave and not a true worker. He labors only under the compulsion of necessity. His entire interest is in getting instead of in doing. He gives his labor irksomely and perfunctorily, but receives his pay with eagerness, striving when he thinks he safely can, to give less and less labor, and get more and more wages. “Less work and more pay” is the cry of slaves and not of men.

On the contrary, the man whose heart is centered in his work, who aims at the perfect performance of his duty, is a true worker whose usefulness and influence are cumulative and progressive, carrying him on from success to greater and greater success, from low spheres of labor to higher and higher still. Thinking little or nothing of the wages, and much of the work; caring not for the gaining of reward, but eager and willing in service…fitted by virtue of his unselfish labors to receive the greater excellence and the fuller reward." -James Allen

This little excerpt is cool in how it describes the biblical truth that it is more blessed to give than receive and how that plays itself out in the work environment. The satisfaction and joy of work is found in using our unique skills and abilities as a means of serving and blessing others. The perfecting and mastery of God given skills and craft is what truly motivates, while also bringing God great joy. Think about it…He created us with the unique skills, so imagine how He must smile when His kids are living out how they are uniquely created…the creation fulfilling it’s intended purpose. Action. My sons, in your life work will truly either be a loving labor or enforced slavery, with your heart being the determining factor. Be a self-focused getter and you’ll experience bondage…be a selfless giver focused on others and you’ll taste the sweet blessing of labor how God designed it.