Driven or called? 8.22.11 & 1.13.12

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Driven or called? 8.22.11 & 1.13.12

"The faithful servant is expected to work, you noticed, at full capacity. That, then is the ratio that God blesses-full use of whatever talents we are given. Five-talent people are required to turn in a five-talent performance; so also with two-talent folk, and so on. His is the choice as to our talents; ours is the duty to use them to the fullest." -Work: The Meaning of Your Life by Lester DeKoster

Can drive and contentment coexist? The answer lies much in whether a man is driven or called. Both from the outside appear the same, highly motivated and constantly improving, yet there motives differ greatly. The driven man’s pursuit is fueled by a broken relationship with his Creator, filling this void with an addiction to whatever work identity he can create. The called man, feels the responsibility of a creator who has entrusted him with much and measures faithfulness on what is returned relative to what is invested. This man daily works diligently to improve the ratio between current return and the potential God has given him. Action. My sons, desire to be called men of God, each day working diligently to maximize your God given potential…for that’s the meaning behind work. The called man is blessed, for like a master craftsmen, he finds full joy and contentment in the pursuit of being all that God created him to be, not in how his results compare to others.