Entrepreneurs of Life. 8.2.11 & 1.11.12

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Entrepreneurs of Life. 8.2.11 & 1.11.12

"As Entrepreneurs of Life, we respond to the call of our Great Creator.

By seeing all of life as an enterprise transformed by his call to "follow me."

We therefor count the cost, consider the risks,

And set out on each day as a venture to multiply our gifts and opportunities

In order to bring glory to God and add value to His World." -Os Guinness

I love the beginning of this narrative, for it’s business terms give a fresh perspective on our life’s purpose. Life really is an ever expanding enterprise in which we encounter risks while seeking to multiply our gifts and opportunities. In doing so, we bring glory to God and add value to his world. Adding value is a huge concept in business, for one either adds value or doesn’t…and if not…an economy quickly prunes and rids itself of those who don’t. Perhaps it is more clear God’s degree of anger towards the man who buried his talents, for he was given much, yet brought no return or value add. Action. My sons, this is at core of your life’s purpose, to discover and multiply your gifts and opportunities, glorifying God and adding value to His eternal story. Maximizing and multiplying what you have been given has no finishline, which is a beautiful thing…for your lifes enterprise will keep you working, learning, improving and growing until your last breath.