Growth and risk. 6.8.11 & 1.4.12

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Growth and risk. 6.8.11 & 1.4.12

"…the enemy of growth is perennial underinvestment. Because people are risk adverse and the future is uncertain, there is rarely enough investment. Economic leaps forward occur when for particular reasons-such as the influx of gold from the New World or inventions like the steam engine-individual businesspeople feel unusually confident and expansive." -John Keynes

This is a great truth both for both business life as well as personal life. Because the future is uncertain and people are naturally adverse to risk, they will always error on the side of safety and underinvestment. Think about it, we choose not to spend the time and money investing in our selves because we don’t know it they are resources well spent. We may spend time preparing for an opportunity that may never come…so why waste the time…in turn the investment never gets made and we remain stagnant. Action. My sons, Your default is to want sure things in life, common is the man who is only willing to invest when the big opportunity reveals itself …unfortunately the common man doesn’t realize big opportunities are like a train speeding by at 100 mph…you must first be moving yourself a great speeds in order catch it and hop on. Take risks in life by investing heavily in your growth…you must first be the man that is worthy of the opportunity before it presents itself…for if you are not ready as a man, like the train speeding by…you won’t know how to hang on even if given the opportunity.