Changing bad habits. 12.21.11

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Changing bad habits. 12.21.11

"Best way to change a bad habit is to track it for at least 31 days. Writing it down brings awareness to what is normally a subconcious action…a habit. And if you’re really serious about change share it with someone, as awareness plus transparency does wonders for changing bad habits." -ak (idea of tracking from "Compound Effect" by Darren Hardy)

Oh it’s getting to be that time a year again…Goals for the year ahead and reflection on the year that has passed. Reflection is great, as it allows for windows of time to see if our actions are aligning with who we desire to be. Do our daily habits align with our goals? Habits, or subconscious action, function much like a current in a river; very hard to see but very powerful in moving you in a certain direction. So how does one spot and correct bad habits when they are so hard to see? Logically the secret lies in awareness, making the subconscious behavior become conscious, the invisible…visible. Tracking a behavior makes it visible and open for adjustment. Action. My sons, if there is a bad habit that continually frustrates you, don’t be overwhelmed…simply commit to tracking it. Whether its your eating, time management, spending, etc…carry a little book or your phone with you and commit to writing it down, tracking the daily details of the specific behavior. You’ll be amazed at how being aware of our actions and tracking them for at least a month, will in itself redeem the bad behavior replacing it a new good habit. If you’re really serious about change, find a trusted friend and share the tracking of your actions…for nothing brings accountability like transparency. Remember always great men of God don’t do what everyone else does…they are different-standing out with excellence holding themselves to a higher standard in life.