Calling attention to mistakes. 12.16.11

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Calling attention to mistakes. 12.16.11

"Call attention to people’s mistakes indirectly" – Carnegie

In life and work, it’s all about people. The brightest minds in the world rendered useless and even distructive without refined people skills. The ability to accomplish good work with and through people, is the primary work of a leader. Great leaders having an uncanny ability to bring out the best in others…reinforcing good behaviors while mastering the art of properly correcting mistakes. Correcting mistakes is hard for it easy offends and deals with the pride we all share. Speaking about a mistake indirectly helps discuss "the issue" firmly and directly…not "the person," helping keep clear from personal offense and prideful backlash. Action. My sons, in life…whether with your wife and kids, friends or co-workers…work to speak to mistakes and issues that need correcting indirectly. Exhchanging the sharp direct "you" with more indirect words of "we" and "I". We and I help share ownership of the mistake, telling the person we are in this together…winning as a team and losing as a team. Remember always, the intensity of conversation can always be increased if an issue continues to persist, but it is impossible to go backwards after coming down too hard on someone for the damage is already done. Learn well the skills and art of dealing with people, for it will serve and bless you well in life.