Always hungry, never full. 12.14.11

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Always hungry, never full. 12.14.11

The godly eat to their hearts’ content,

but the belly of the wicked goes hungry. (Proverbs 13:25 NLT)

An appetite for good brings much satisfaction, but the belly of the wicked always wants more. (Proverbs 13:25 MSG)

Both the wicked and godly eat, yet one leaves the table content and satisfied, while the other remains hungry always longing for more. When we look outside of God for our satisfaction in life, we start down a dangerous path for which there is no end. We begin fueling appetites and desires that can never be filled…for what initially appears good, functions like a curse. For the godly heart, contentment and satisfaction is theirs to be had today. For the wicked of heart, content and satisfaction appear close at hand…never to be attained. Action. My sons, your longings for contentment and satisfaction are conditions of the heart that are yours to be enjoyed fully today…no matter where you are at. Contentment and satisfaction come from a heart that knows God gives us each day all we need for perfect joy and satisfaction in life.