Work allows man to specialize. 12.12.11

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Work allows man to specialize. 12.12.11

"A man’s work; his career and calling, is a specific God ordained journey into knowing and exploring the depths of just one of the million different niches and facits of our Creator and His creation." -ak

Work allows man to specialize…exploring the unique depths of Gods wisdom, order and creation her on earth. What a joy and privaledge! How sad if our spiritual pride and arrogance has caused us to view non-ministry jobs as a lesser calling. The photographer gets to explore the beauty of God in ways others don’t. The stock trader gets to see and learn the finer details in divine design of Gods economy. The entrepreneur gets to mimic God in building and creating something from nothing, taking individual resources, pulling them together to create something new. The mom gets explore the depths and multiple facets of Gods love for His children, in nurturing and raising their own. Action. My sons, know that whatever you do in life…God is giving you an amazing opportunity to specialize and know a unique aspect of his Creation better than anyone else. Scientists can explore His creation, psychologists can understand how He created the human mind…so on so forth…never ending. So many "nooks and cranies" in knowing God and His creation…this is how a godly man grows in a fuller, deeper, wider understanding of God. This man is blessed for work becomes a central mean’s of knowing and loving His Creator.