Activity and reflection. 12.6.11

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Activity and reflection. 12.6.11

"Activity and reflection should ideally complement and support each other. Action by itself is blind, reflection impotent." -Flow by Csikszentmihaly

Before one spends great amounts of energy in pursuing a goal, it is wise to answer the fundamental question…why? Why pursue this goal? Why is it important? The why being everything in life…for it defines the motive of our heart, for which God is concerned with as well as provides the source of purpose, vision and satisfaction in life. Action and reflection are not mutually exclusive but should function well together. Like stated above, action alone is blind to the why and purpose behind its results, while reflection alone is impotent; useless in being effective and fruitful in life. A blessed man seeks to live his life within the tension of both, putting his head down taking action and executing well, but while also taking the time to climb the tree scanning the horizon making sure he is on track in his pursuits…always knowing Gods "why" he is doing what he is doing. Action. My sons, desire to be an aggressive action oriented man who confidentally knows Gods why and purpose in all you do. Motivation is tied to your ability to align your purpose with Gods designed purpose in all things. Maintain proper alignment between under-thinking and over-thinking in life, both extremes rendering a man an ineffective, unfaithful manager of the resources God has entrusted him. Remember always, the world has yet to see what God can do with a man who is fully committed to Him. Desire to be that man…