Importance of being a lifelong learner. 12.1.11

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Importance of being a lifelong learner. 12.1.11

To practice discipline is to be a lifelong leaner. You never arrive; you spend your life mastering disciplines. You can never say, "we are a learning organization," any more than you can say, " I am an enlightened person." the more you learn, the more acutely aware you become of your ignorance. Thus, a corporation cannot be "excellent" in the sense of having arrived at a permanent excellence, it is always in the state of practicing the disciplines of learning, of getting better or worse. -The Fifth Discipline by Peter Senge

What applies for an organization applies more importantly for an individual as well. One of a leaders responsibilities within a company is to cultivate a learning environment, where the organization organically works towards maximizing its potential by seeking continual improvement through mastering the disciplines specific to that company. Why this endless pursuit of excellence? Because it is well known that fullfillment and satisfaction in a work place is maximized when everyone is learning and getting better. So why seperate this thought process from our personal lives…perhaps it is just the worlds imitation and explanation of the divine reality of how God designed humans to thrive. Each person being designed uniquely and specifically for a purpose…with the excitement of life being in discovering that design and maximizing its fruitfullness and effectiveness bringing honor and glory to our Creator. If He said I gave you skills to paint…go maximize that craft of painting. He calls a man to be a father and husband, go maximize that role being the best father/husband possible. Action. My sons, be a tenacious lifelong learner; seeking out the skills, tendencies and resources God has given you, waking up each day with a mindset of a faithful steward seeking to maximize the effectiveness of what has been given. You’ll fall so in love with this pursuit that results and heights achieved won’t matter at all, for your enjoyment and blessing is in the daily task of mastering Gods unique calling on your life.