Art of Mastery. 11.28.11

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Art of Mastery. 11.28.11

"Lost from modern day vocation is one’s internal drive and pursuit of mastery of their calling."-ak

We all know it…journey over destination, process over results; yet do we ever fully apply it in our everyday life. They say human motivation to excell at work is tied to autonomy, mastery and purpose. Meaning one most flourishes in environments where they have creative control; they learn, grow and improve…daily moving closer to mastering a skill, all while knowing the ‘why’ behind what they do. Mastery is unique in that the pursuit of process is where God hides joy and satisfaction, along with the redeemed human drive to excell. No surprise as God designs man with freedom to choose direction, giving him the lifelong task of redeeming His creation (mastery…no end goal, continual lifelong improvement) and lastly giving man his why-glorify God and it is what you were created for. For God, the heart behind the action is everything…heart being who you really are, always knowing actions can be faked. Action. My sons, develope a heart that desires to be a master craftsmen of life…working daily to bring all of life to a more and more redeemed state, knowing you’ll never reach perfection, but understanding that God designs joy, satisfaction and blessing into the process. Work is designed by God to be its own reward, so wake up each day, striving to be a master of today.