Training your brain. 11.22.11

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Training your brain. 11.22.11

"Idealization is the art of continually imagining the perfect outcome or solution for any situation in life." -concept from ‘Focal Point’ by Brian Tracy

Our life calling as believers, to redeem and restore our fallen environments working to have them function more and more like how God intended, is our daily responsibility in helping "Gods will be done on earth as it is in heaven." In application, the gap exists many times not in knowing but in doing…for our mind knows, but our flesh in weak. Idealization is nothing more than continually thinking and visualizing a few steps ahead of our actions. If today was the perfect day, how would I live it? How would I spend my morning? What kind of attitude would I assume for the day? If this lunch meeting was the ideal lunch, how would I carry myself and how would I best engage the other person? If today was the ideal work day, how would I act and work…what would it look like? If tonight was the ideal evening with my family, what would it look like…what would we do…how would we treat each other? Athletes visualize to perform better, yet the habit doesn’t end there…for the art of thinking ahead of our actions enables a man to take dominion over life molding and redeeming it, not just passively responding to it. Action. My sons, in life cultivate the habit of asking yourself throughout the day, "if this was the perfect ______, how would it look?" You’ll find yourself acting much differently, for God designed us with a far more innate understanding of His Will the we think. Do this and you’ll be a strong godly man faithful in redeeming and restoring your environment, not just responding to it.