Signs of maturity. 11.11.11

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Signs of maturity. 11.11.11

Consistency is one of the greatest signs of maturity and strength in a man’s life. -ak

How does one measure and assess true maturity and strength, both individually and in others? As time goes on, I am more and more convinced consistency in all areas of life is one of the leading indicators of a mans level of maturity. Mature godly men seem to maintain consistency of thought, action and behavior no matter the circumstances or emotions going on in and around them. They remain faithful in tempermant and action in good times and bad. Consistent proper behavior over a long period of time shows that man has the ability to control his thinking and behavior, correcting the initial flinches…responding instead in the proper direction. Action. My sons, measure your growth of character by if you are increasing in your ability to maintain proper action in the face of all seasons of life. Adult infants fly off the handle and are characterized by streakiness of behavior…hot and cold, off and on. Strong godly men remain poised of action and speech, being characterized by consistent God honoring behavior throughout their life.