efficiency and leverage…both key. 11.10.11

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

efficiency and leverage…both key. 11.10.11

There are two ways to improve a process: efficiency and leverage. Our definitions are as follows: Efficiency means improving the way we do things in order to achieve a given amount of output with minimum inputs, or conversely to achieve maximum output for a given set of inputs. Leverage means fundamentally changing the way we do things in order to achieve efficiency gains of 100% or more. These are two very distinct ways in which you can improve a process – you can either do so in small, incremental steps of a few percentage points (efficiency), or you can just entirely change the nature of the game (leverage). -excerpt from "Racing Towards Excellence"

Outperformers think differently. Like most people they work on improving efficiencies of process streamlining traditional ways of doing things, yet what makes them different is in while doing so, they are aware of and invest in increasing leverage. They think outside the box questioning if there is an entirely new process out there that has yet to be applied. Transportation jumping from sail boat to steam engine, is a great example of the world changing to a whole new process. Action. My sons, a faithful steward constantly assesses all of Gods given resources…obvious ones and not so obvious ones, seeing how to increase leverage and efficiency in life. The good steward understands his responsibility to his Creators call towards faithfullness and fruitfullness in life, knowing it is good and honorable to think creatively of ways to increase ones yield in all areas of life.