Faithfulness and leverage. 11.5.11

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Faithfulness and leverage. 11.5.11

"Give me a lever long enough…and I can single-handed move the world" -Archimedes (taken from The Fifth Discipline by Peter Senge)

The God honoring, faithful steward cultivates a proper understanding of resources, leverage and influence in life. For a godly man knows influencing all that he encounters in life, bringing it closer to God and it’s originally designed state, is the supreme calling of our Creator. As we are faithful in little, our responsibilities grow, lengthening the lever by which we exercise God honoring influence in the world. As all of mans resources grow, so do his options; expanding exponentially, giving him greater opportunity for his influence to be good or bad. Action. My sons, leverage and influence is a good thing when pursued for the right reasons, and horribly destructive when pursued for the wrong reasons. Desire increased responsibility in life so as to lengthen the lever by which you apply force in influencing the world closer to God. Know always God determines the length of one’s lever in life while you determine the degree of faithfullness and excellence applied at each stage. Rather than wishing and hoping for this increased influence, you must first be today the man who is worthy of the increased responsibility and in God’s right timing it will come to pass.