Game of life is about replacing error with truth. 10.31.11

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Game of life is about replacing error with truth. 10.31.11

"One, for example, has lost all his property, all his family, and he is left alone in the world a poor and homeless old man. Yet no one can ever detect a tremor of complaint or a weakness anywhere in his nature, simply because he has so completely learned the science of right thinking that he can shut out of his mind or neutralize with its mental antidote anything which would cause him pain or injury. He neutralizes discord with harmony, error with truth." -Miracle of Right Thought

The game of life is truly won or lost in our mind. For the sowing of thought always reaps the equivalent action…life being the outward expression of our innner thought life. The wise, skillful man has come to realize the battle in the mind is in replacing error with truth. Satan has no more need to be effective then to cause us to think incorrectly believing error, rather than the truth of Gods word. Error says we are worthless, Truth says we are fearfully and wonderfully made. Error says be afraid and discourage for circumstances aren’t favorable. Truth says be strong and courageous, don’t be afraid or discouraged for God is with us always. Action. My sons, think correctly in life. In order to spot error you must know the truth, so be in Gods Word everyday of your life year after year, so that you wash and reprogram your mind with truth. Train yourself with mental antidotes, replacing the bad thought of error with the opposite good thought of truth…do it quickly…don’t let error sit and fester in your mind…soon you’ll develope the blessed habit of right, corrective thought.