Influence of Media. 10.26.11

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Influence of Media. 10.26.11

"The great danger of media is that it gives us a very perverted view of world" Conpound Efffect by Darren Hardy

Our view of the world becomes that of which we allow to consume our focus. Modern media subtly influences us each and every day, many times in ways that are not even noticeable. Unfortunately the influence is a perverted one…not true to reality…for media is based on attracting viewers and the only way to do it is by playing on fear and all the other human desires. If we are evening news junkies we quickly become despressed at all the negative news. If we are talk radio junkies we develope a strong argumentative view on certain minor topics making them supreme. Media is the window into the souls our eroding culture…for media is soley a provider of what people want. Action. My sons, a wise man will be on guard and take responsibility for what he allows his eyes and mind to view. You will be influenced by what you view and read, so pursue encouraging, positive forms of media. Turn off the tv and develope the good habit of reading good books for this simple habit will bless and serve you greatly in your life.