Reputation is everything. 10.8.11

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Reputation is everything. 10.8.11

A sterling reputation is better than striking it rich; a gracious spirit is better than money in the bank. (Proverbs 22:1 MSG)

A mans heart whether he likes it or not becomes his reputation in life and in business. A persons reputation spreads whether we like it or not, for every time a persons name comes up…whatever their reputation is will quickly get shared along with it….without fail. Whether that person has met the individual or not he will pass that along next time that persons name comes up…good or bad…so on and so forth, until a reputation is born. Not that our aim should be that all people like us…but we should aim to live peaceably with our fellow man, loving others and showing everyone respect based on being a created being of God. Action. My sons, your reputation whether good or bad will always precede you when you meet people and is a far bigger issue than you’ll ever realize. Do everything you can to protect it and if you think it has been tarnished with certain relationships…deal with it quickly, meet with those people addressing the concerns, so falsity or misunderstanding doesnt have a chance to grow. Desire to be a man that always seeks to do what’s right, even if difficult, with honest, authentic, direct speech…for that brings great honor to God.