Attaching value to the little things. 9.12.11

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Attaching value to the little things. 9.12.11

What a man is in his fractional duties that he is in the aggregate of his character…The weak man becomes strong by attaching value to little things and doing them accordingly. -James Allen

As Chrisiatians, God ordains and places value on even the littlest details of life. Man’s ambitious heart longs for grand achievements in life, yet in the process can easily overlook proper execution of the minor details eroding the very foundation by which faithfulness is established. Character is developed in excellent execution of fractional duties. In order to do so, man must train his mind to attach value to those small details of life. As Christians we don’t have to congure this "why" for God defines this value in His word, laying out the heart and attitude expectation He has for us in these details. Action. My sons, always work to be faithful and excellent in the present moment and task…no matter how small; knowing that your character, life and legacy is defined by the accumulation of a lifetime of fractional duties. In Gods eyes…faithfulness is established in small things and that is what is used to determine preparedness and readiness for greater responsibility in all aspects of life.