Halfway house to hell. 9.5.11

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

Halfway house to hell. 9.5.11

So, friends, listen to me, take these words of mine most seriously. Don’t fool around with a woman like that; don’t even stroll through her neighborhood. Countless victims come under her spell; she’s the death of many a poor man. She runs a halfway house to hell, fits you out with a shroud and a coffin. (Proverbs 7:24-27 MSG)

There is a type of woman out there that brings destruction and devastation to a man’s life. She is bold, brash, seductive in dress and speech, preying and exploiting mens lustfull thoughts…her advances so strong they act like a spell. Soloman warns his son many times of the adulterous woman for he knew first hand how seductive and destructive they were in his life. His advice is simple, if you don’t want to be tempted don’t hang out in their neighborhood…if you’re hanging out at in the bars don’t be surprised when you find yourself her victim. Action. My sons, wise men stear clear of the places women like this hangout for they know they bring nothing but death. If you’re single and desire a good godly woman as a wife…be smart, spend your time in the places where good women spend their time.