Discover the joy of work and effort. 9.8.11

by Aaron K.

From Evernote:

"We have all but lost the value and God intended meaning of work."-ak

I was reminded in a meeting I had yesterday that a majority of people view work as a negative rather than the positive God created it to be. Effort and work is now viewed as a necessary evil in life rather than a god ordained tool for cultivating character and maturity. Peace, rest and blessing were never intended to be self constructed environments…they are conditions of the heart, yet we run from work and effort…pursuing comfort and ease thinking it is noble. God gives the cadence and tempo for the workife of his people. Work hard six days a week, rest on the seventh; sleep when the sun is down and work hard while the sun is up. Action. My sons, destroy early in life the addiction to ease and comfort, good stewards train themselves to love work and effort, seeing them as the god given tool for strengthening of character and maximizing their given potential.